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Robin Jones, PhD.
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Founder and Director of the Holistic Life University

                                                             and Co founder of Pura Vida Gringa Wellness Center


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        Robin Jones is a certified International Hypnotherapy Instructor and holistic practitioner who specializes in holistic wellness and yoga retreats & training workshops on the gulf coast and in Costa Rica.

 After graduating from the University of Kentucky, Robin began her formal Hypnotherapy education in 1988 and earned her diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1992.  Further training enabled her to meet state requirements to become a Board Certified Instructor of Hypnotherapy recognized by The American Board of Hypnotherapy as a professional Hypnotherapy Instructor.   In 2007 her training program the Academy of Hypnosis was approved by the leading hypnotherapy organization The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association ( IMDHA ) .  Robin has served as president of the Gulf Coast Chapter of the (NGH) the National Guild of Hypnotist and actively promotes the self healing benefits of hypnosis, guided imagery, and hypnotherapy.  Expanding her expertise and in her own journey to self-healing Robin trained in Therapeutic Yoga, Massage therapy and Low-Light Laser Therapy (Cold Laser), she personally developed one of the most successful stop smoking and weight loss programs in the country using a combination of hypnosis and laser therapy ( hypnolaser ).  Robin is a third degree Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Practitioner.   Offering training programs in many different modalites including Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Guided Imagery, Reiki,  EFT and with a desire to offer her students diplomas and degrees she founded the University of Holistic Theology in 2004 which was renamed Holistic Life University in October of 2013.  The Holistic Life University is a non-secular university that is recognized and meets the Florida state requirements to offer degree programs in non-traditional holistic fields.  She currently offers holistic services and training  programs in the United States and in of Costa Rica.

Robin also specializes in arranging retreats and workshops in Costa Rica.  She uses her personal knowledge and experience of living and working five years in Costa Rica to assist others who are interested in planning yoga retreats and also offers consulting to individuals, couples and families who are thinking of relocating to the most popular vacation destination and retirement friendly country in all of Central America.


Robin can also add personalized holistic services and training programs to any yoga retreat or holistic vacation in Costa Rica.  Yoga teachers , event coordinators and holistic workshops facilitators should call or email to add any of her services or training classes to their own retreat or workshop.


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Robin Jones. CCHt,
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