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Robin E. Jones, CCHt., CI.

Robin Jones is a Certified Hynotherapist, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Local Chapter President of the National Guild of Hypnotists, the largest professional hypnosis organization in the world. She is Board Certified in her hypnotherapy practice by the International Association of Counselors and Therapist, The National Guild of Hypnotists, American Board of Hypnotherapy and is a Certified Instructor for the American Association of Certified Hypnotherapist, The American Board of Hypnotherapy and IACT (Provider # CT-189-05).  Completion of the Course and Final Exam makes you eligible to apply to become certified by the The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association, The American Board of Hypnotherapy, IACT, and AAOCH. 




Jones, as a hypnotherapy instructor, has had extensive experience and study in many applications of hypnosis, including profound emotional healing techniques, enhancement of confidence and creativity, smoking cessation, stress reduction, weight loss, pain management, as well as others issues. She has worked with performers, atheletes and is known for her compassion and understanding. Robin offers private sessions; professional hypnosis certification training; workshops in self hypnosis and EFT; business coaching for hypnotherapists. Self hypnosis tapes and CDs dealing with issues of IBS, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension, spirituality, boundaries, detachment, self discovery, sleep, confidence, changing life patterns, self discipline and much more.


 Spiritual Counseling combined with Hypnotherapy

Produces the following:

  1. Emotionally healed and cleansed by releasing hurt, sadness, grief, anger, fear, shame, guilt, and childhood trauma from your Inner Child and abuse and wounds from the past; letting go of shame-based issues such as compulsive behavior and co-dependency; healing stress-related physical illnesses, such as migraine headaches, neck pain, back pain, abdominal pains, etc.; and begin recovery from addictive behavior filling the emptiness within.
  2. Human, self-accepting, and self-loving with increased inner security, self-esteem, and sense of intrinsic self-worth by accepting one's limitations and knowing it is okay to make mistakes.
  3. Playful and younger with increased joy and having fun with your inner child, spouse, children, family and friends, thus being more present, alive, vulnerable, satisfied, and able to enjoy each moment.
  4. Loving and receptive to love by experiencing intimate, equal, healthy, growth-producing relationships, expressing one's own needs and wants, and receiving support from others.
  5. Creative by tapping into one's natural mental health, spontaneity, creativity, and self-esteem.
  6. Powerful and assertive; having a sense of power over one's choices and a sense of personal freedom.
  7. Responsible: you are the cause, not the effect of your life. Responsibility is the "ability to respond", knowing that there is only one person we have to answer to and this is, of course, ourselves.
  8. In charge of one's life by letting go of self-limiting beliefs and patterns, and be more comfortable with normality and balance.
  9. Authentic and centered by being more empowered, more true to who one is, and having a feeling of being more grounded.
  10. Clear on one's purpose in life and able to use one's gifts and talents to contribute to others.
  11. Spiritually open by trusting self and others with an increased tendency to allow things to happen rather than to make them happen; having frequent episodes of gratitude and appreciation; and connection with Self, others, nature, and the universe.
  12. Self-aware with accelerated transformational growth and development by a loss of the ability to worry, loss of interest in conflict, loss of interest in judging other people and self, and frequent attacks of smiling (especially for no reason).




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