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Robin Jones-Baltzell, PhD. Director

Formerly University of Holistic Theology


Explore Holistic Life University and the diploma, certifications and degree programs offered
You can learn how to become a holistic health practitioner and discover the healer within you.

We offer Certifications and Degress in alternative holistic modalites.



Self-paced programs.

Study at Home or attend workshops and retreats.

Programs are developed to offer holistic career opportunities. 

Programs for physicians, natural health practitioners and other health care professionals.



 The Holistic Life University is our new name reflecting our mission to encourage Holistic Education in all areas of our lives.  We were originally founded Nortwest Florida in 2004 as the University of Holistic Theology.  We were renamed  The Holistic Life University as of April 2012 and we are fully authorized by the Commission for Independent Education, Independent Colleges and Universities, Non-Secular Division, Florida Department of Education to operate as a private, non-secular college and to issue associate, bachelor, master and doctorate degrees in all phases of metaphysics, esoteric studies, spiritual and holistic healing, theology, religion, parapsychology, esoteric arts and sciences and spiritual awareness. We only offer educational programs that prepare students for religious, spiritual, metaphysical, and holistic vocations as ministers, professionals, or lay-persons in the following categories: ministry, pastoral and spiritual counseling, holistic theology, education, administration, teaching, media communications, parapsychology, social work, spiritual, complimentary, holistic healing, intuitive and spiritual development, holistic hypnotherapy, pastoral hypnotherapy. (Section 246.084(1)(a),(I), Florida Statutes) 


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  Holistic Life University

Integratng Mind, Body and Spirit
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Certification Programs can be done by correspondence
or with classes and workshops held in Florida, Costa Rica and Texas.
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What is Holistic Theology?


As old as humanity itself is the divine gift of human potential: to connect, tap into and realize the perfect harmony within mind, body and spirit. This holistic philosophy is “the space between the notes,” in that it bridges gaps between tangible facts, ethical analysis, and intuitive wisdom of the laws of life. It also forms a continuum between here and now and the hereafter.


Theology, the study of God’s divine law, is a science that affects the health of humanity. Conscious awareness puts the human spirit in harmony with the flow of universal energy. This consciousness grows from the ability to experience and learn, to express and convey divinity in our dealings with others.






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